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Community Wellness Program

Healing Arts at The Arts Center!

The Community Wellness Program at the Winhall Community Arts Center offers the Community a Chance to Experience Wellness Services and Events that can contribute to greater health of the Community.  In 2023, A Wellness Room was donated to the Center by local Healers, and a Wellness Scholarship Fund was created.  The Community Wellness Room is a place where Community Members can experience different Services like Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Massage Therapy and Reiki.  The Room is available for Students and Healers in the community to offer accessible Wellness Services.  The Wellness Program offers seasonal Wellness Fundraising Events to help grow the Wellness Bucks Fund that offers partial and full scholarships to the Community.  We look forward to getting well together!

The Wellness Room 

Located on the Second Floor of the Community Center, the Wellness Room is a Healing Oasis that overlooks the River.  It is a relaxing and meditative space equipped with everything a Healer may need to practice and is a comfortable space for Community Members to experience services.  The Wellness Room is Handicap Accessible. 

Amenities include: Curtains, Massage Table, Lotions and Oils, Table Warmer, White Noise Machine, Sheets and Table Covers, Stool, Amazon Echo, Wastepaper Basket and Hamper.  

Healers & Services

The Services will vary based on the Healers that are practicing, but here are a few services that are currently being offered at the Community Center! If you are a local healer or student healer looking to share your services, please send us a message below! 

Wellness Scholarships- "WCAC Wellness Bucks"

The WCAC offers full and partial scholarships for Community Members to experience events and offerings. 

The Wellness Program has it's own fund available through Practitioner and Community Donations and Fundraising Events.  If you would like to receive a Wellness Service at the WCAC but money is an issue, please reach out and we will issue you a "Wellness Bucks" Gift Card to use towards Wellness Services and Events.  

Partial Scholarships

- These are right for you if you can contribute $10-50  towards services and events but would like help from the WCAC with the remainder

Full Scholarships 

Available with no questions asked! We're happy to see everyone at the center and would like everyone who is called or curious to be able to experience a service if they are in-need.  

The Wellness Bucks program is a confidential program.  The WCAC is a Judgement-Free and Safe Center.  To sign up for Wellness Bucks, send us an email using the button below or give us a call so we can set you up with the appropriate gift-card.

Are You A Local Healer or Student Looking to Offer Your Medicine to The Community?

To find out more about using our wellness room to practice or community space for a healing event, please fill out the form! 

Thanks for submitting!

Upcoming Events at WCAC

For Upcoming Wellness Events and other Great Offerings  at the WCAC click on the button below! 

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